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Do you have a GHDT event or fundraiser that you would like listed on this page, and in the newsletter? If so, please contact Web Producer, Liz Serinken, with all the details!



The Spring 2022 Bi-Annual News Report is now available to read and/or download.

To access the Report please click HERE.



These commendable young men arrived at our centre with their beautifully looked after dogs, to have them vaccinated against rabies. The youngest young man and his dog, Sprite, both have such lovely smiles!

The staff were so impressed by the condition and handling of the dogs, that each dog was given a new collar to go home with. This gives us so much hope! Well done guys.



Food for thought If you are becoming depressed at the state of the world with the Covid pandemic, allow yourselves some time to dream and then when the time is right, make your dreams come true!

In the past we have put out calls for equine vets and mixed animal vets, but we are receiving an increasing number of requests, in the rural areas, for help with dogs and in particular, neutering. Since the beginning of Covid the number of unwanted puppies and kittens being born has risen alarmingly and with the shortage of food from fisheries and restaurants we are seeing an increasing number of animals suffering and in need. If we were able to help by carrying out neutering programmes on a regular basis, throughout the country, this would not only reduce puppy and kitten numbers but reduce the incidence of rabies as well.

Obviously at the moment it is hard to plan anything, but if you would like further details please email the GHDT Office.



We would like to remind our supporters that if you ever want to make a donation to our charity, you can do so either via a donate button on a post, or in any of the following ways:

  • ONLINE - Via Just Giving or via the 'Online Donations' page of our website

  • VIA FACEBOOK - Simply click on the 'DONATE' button and follow the instructions

  • VIA POST - Simply send us an old-fashioned cheque to our postal address

  • PAYPAL - ghdt@gambiahorseanddonkey.org.uk

  • BANK - if you would like to pay by BACS our bank account is with NatWest Bank. 60-11-17 Account number 19505043

Please do not respond to people asking for donations into their private PayPal account.



If you would like to read the article, 'BEVA Trust Overseas Project: February 2020 The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust', it is available to read here in ** PDF BEVA Article in pdf



Lazarus Everyone at the GHDT is devastated to announce that the magnificent black stallion who founded our charity, Lazarus, was put to sleep this morning after being with us for almost seventeen years. He performed many roles at the GHDT, as a farm horse ploughing and pulling a cart, being a demonstration horse and teaching countless students, but most of all he inspired us constantly and showed us what is possible. A great many horses and donkeys owe their lives to him.

Laz was laid to rest this morning covered with a GHDT flag under the Tabo tree in front of the house with all the staff in attendance. Ironically in death, he achieved his life's dream to get into the mare's yard!

Rest in peace you gorgeous boy, you will be missed more than you ever thought possible.

We would like the give our thanks to Alex Raftery and Lauren Gummery, two vets from the University of Glasgow who attended to him during his last illness.

For more information on Lazarus's story please click HERE.



Why not celebrate Friendship all year round with a Friendship Pack! For just 20 you and your friend will receive a Friendship certificate as well as a Friendship bracelet. Celebrate your special friendship  and support the work of The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust!

Details are available on the Friendship Pack poster in ** PDF Download International Friendship Day Poster in pdf

Please download and complete the Friendship Donation Form Available here in ** PDF Download International Friendship Day Donation Form in pdf



Anyone who has been to The Gambia, and may be looking for ethically sourced quality Gambian gifts, may be interested in looking at ethically-sourced products from Gambian businesses at MadeinGambia220.



New Data Protection Rules come into affect on May 25th, 2018. Please read and return the GHDT release form, available HERE, if you wish to continue receiving the Bi Annual News Bulletin and updates from the GHDT office.

Please note, this will NOT affect current or future E-News members who have requested, by email, to receive GHDT E-News to their inbox. Thank you.



We are very pleased to report that our X-Ray machine is now working. This fabulous gift, donated by BCF Technology to Vets with Horsepower, is at last fulfilling its purpose. We were unable to use it initially as we needed the right person with appropriate knowledge to set it up.

Our thanks go to Karen Pickering and Markus Wilke, two vets sponsored by the BEVA Trust, who visited us in February and were able to set it up for us. It is now fully operational and they even provided basic training for our staff on its use. A few of our patients have already benefited from it.

Now that we have our X-Ray machine running, we need to have more lead Aprons and radiological protection equipment. If anyone knows of a practice closing down, or upgrading their equipment, we would love to recycle their old equipment for them providing it is still safe to use. Please contact us at the GHDT Office.



X-Ray student
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X-Ray of foot
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Nigel Havers
Nigel Havers

John Humphrys
John Humphrys

Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch


We are absolutely delighted to announce that three very well known and well respected people have endorsed our work and agreed to be our patron and supporters.

Nigel Havers has very kindly agreed to be our Patron and said, "It is a privilege to be able to call myself a patron of this charity which from its very grass roots literally saves lives and benefits both human and animal lives in such a holistic way. The rest of the world take note! Nigel Havers.” We are very grateful to him for his patronage.

John Humphrys has also endorsed and supports our work, and we are extremely proud that he approves of our approach of "helping people to help themselves" It means a great deal to us to have such support.

Canadian children’s author, Robert Munsch, has also endorsed and supported our work, donating a signed copy of one of his books for a fundraiser.

We would like to give them all our very sincere thanks.



Give someone a special gift and sponsor a horse or donkey at GHDT and help improve the lives of the horses and donkeys of the Gambia.

For details please see our Sponsor a Horse or Donkey page here.




Are there any dentists around who would like a challenge? We always have a lot of exciting tooth problems to show anyone who is interested! For more information please Contact Us.

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Charity Choice The GHDT is now working with Charity Choice. Charity Choice is a place where charities, donors, volunteers and fundraisers can come together to help the many charities in the UK in a variety of ways. Through Charity Choice you can choose how you give and which charity you give to. They provide information on over 160,000 registered charities. This includes all charities registered in England and Wales.

So, whether you are looking to donate to the GHDT, volunteer your time or specialist skills, give your unwanted goods or leave a gift in your will, you are in the right place!

The Charity Choice donate facility is completely free for the GHDT to use, so what is donated the GHDT receives.

If you would like to show your support by making a donation, please click *HERE.



Sometimes it is nice to know that you have purchased something in particular for a charity, so we have set up an Amazon Wish List of essential items that we need at the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. If you are able to purchase any of the items on our list, we would be extremely grateful. These are all items that we are unable to purchase in The Gambia, so must be bought in the UK and shipped out.

To have a look at the GHDT Wish List, please click *HERE!

Thank you very much!



Many thanks to the people who have sent us reflective jackets, they have been a great help. They are always in high demand in Gambia and we are always grateful to receive more.

We campaign to encourage all horse and donkey drivers to wear reflective jackets at night and to put reflectors on their carts to try and reduce the alarming accident rate for night time drivers. The uptake has been incredible and we are fast running out of reflective jackets. If you know of any companies, councils, airports, police forces, fire brigades, Rotarians who use them and who may be getting rid of their old ones, please could you tell them that we can give them a very good and useful home. Alternatively you may be able to put a notice in your local parish or community magazine for us. Such a simple thing, but it really does save lives.



Give a Car website

Have you been wondering what to do with the scrap car in your driveway? Well wonder no more – it can be transformed into cash for the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust!

We have now joined up with Giveacar, a non-profit social enterprise which collects unwanted and unused cars for charity – turning scrap into cash.

Regardless of their condition, cars are collected free-of-charge nation-wide by Giveacar then sold through an online auction or disposed of at an authorised treatment facility.

Profits from the sale are then donated to a charity of the car owner’s choice. Even if the banger is scrapped, it still nets the selected good cause around 35.

Many car owners want an easy and completely free way to get rid of their old car. Giveacar will help them to do this in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

All you have to do is go to the website and organise for '*Give a Car' to come and collect your car. Then you nominate which charity you would like to benefit from your scrap car (Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust of course!), and that is it. Simple.

To get more details and start making a difference, please visit '*Give a Car' or call the Giveacar Team on 0207 736 4242, quoting Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust as your chosen charity.

Details are also available on the Give a Car poster. You can access it **in PDF or as a zip file Download Give a Car Poster in pdf or zip format



For anyone wanting to go on an extra special riding holiday in Africa, we can highly recommend *Mozambique Horse Safari. Mandy and Pat go above and beyond the call of duty for their horses. To read a Guardian article about Mozambique Horse Safari, click *here.



We have teamed up with Justgiving.com, the UK’s leading online fundraising website, so you can donate and raise funds for the GHDT online.

Using Justgiving saves us costs and reduces our admin burden, so going online is by far the most efficient way of supporting us. It’s easy to make a single or monthly donation with a credit or debit card online:

All you need to do is click here.

Justgiving reclaims Gift Aid automatically and pays your donation directly to us at the end of every week, and the site is secure.

Justgiving also makes it easy to raise money: you can create an online fundraising page in minutes to collect donations for any sponsored event or appeal.

You can create your own for any event here.

Fundraising pages are just like paper sponsorship forms, except they’re online. Simply personalise your page with a photo and message and email the web address to all your contacts. Friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else, from anywhere in the world, can then make a donation using your page.

You can create a fundraising page for absolutely anything. You could get sponsored to run, swim, cycle, get fit, grow a moustache or have your head shaved. The only limit is your imagination.

If you have any questions, or need any help, you can contact the Justgiving helpdesk on 0845 021 2110 or email Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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The GHDT is now fundraising with eBay for Charity - visit our 'About My Charity' *Page. Details are also available on our 'How You Can Help' page.



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