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We now have a lovely new centre which is made up from lots of donations. Everything in it, makes me think of the good people who contributed to it and I daren't start to mention names or it would go on for ever, but to everyone who contributed to it, this is what Chris Packham saw yesterday. We have more and more patients coming in daily and our workshops and apprenticeship scheme are starting soon. This fills us with joy as this is exactly what it was built for, the people and animals of The Gambia. Photographs courtesy of Jason Florio.

New Stables
New Stables

New Hospital
New Hospital


The beautiful new Makasutu Centre, that you can see in the post above, represents a great deal of hard slog, tough fundraising, dedication, love and commitment from a great many people, all we had to do was to ensure that it has done them justice. So many people and efforts have gone into it, there have been so many, who have done everything from raise money, give us goods, paint , varnish, clean, scrape, build flat packs etc. it looks wonderful and it is wonderful, but so much of it has been done with help from companies like Wickes who gave us very discounted prices on the hospital and pharmacy kitchen units, the beautiful tiles in the reception which were made by a lovely talented neighbour, Claire Pavey. The bathrooms were donated by Kohler Mira bathrooms, the X-Ray machine by BCF Technology and the endoscope by Burtons. The store room is well stocked thanks to the elves and fairies from Kruuse. Vets with Horsepower, The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust and The Elise Pilkington Trust all donated generously towards it.

The furnishings were bought very cheaply from a restaurant that was closing down and the beds were made by our watchman for 6 each. Fatou, our housekeeper, sourced the cloth for the curtains and organised the tailor. It is just amazing what can be done when every one pulls together. Someone asked me how I feel when I walk around the centre. It reminds me of all the wonderful people who have helped in so many different ways and that is reflected in the atmosphere of the place, which has a peace and calm about it.


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