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Horace December 2014

Sept. 13th, 2016 - We are sad to announce that Horace has now passed away. He is missed very much.


April 20th, 2015 - Horace is full of beans and we are now having problems keeping weight on him because he is so active!

January 11th, 2015 Update - Horace is a dear old man who loves his grub! He is never too far away from the feed room and though he has formed a relationship with a donkey called Maxine, it doesn't include feed times, when he has to be on his own with his food otherwise he gets very grumpy.

He loves fuss and attention and linseed lozenges and almost anything else that is vaguely edible! Like any very old man, he spends a lot of time sleeping in the sunshine and pottering. If he thinks you are going to do anything he doesn't like, he has a fair turn of speed on him! His coat has improved a lot, and he has gained a little weight, but not as much as we would like him to. His welfare is reviewed regularly.


December 24th, 2014 Update - Dear old Horace is doing well. He is putting on weight nicely and is a typical old man, eating and sleeping a lot, but when he is in mischievous mood he has a fair turn of speed on him.

The evenings are getting chillier now so he sometimes wears a light summer sheet which he doesn't particularly like so he is off like a shot if he sees staff approaching with it.

He has just had what remains of his teeth done, he doesn't have many teeth left but the very back molars were a bit sharp.

He has some linseed treats for Christmas. His coat is looking so much better now and even has a bit of a shine to it.


May 4th, 2014 - Meet Horace who arrived at the GHDT centre late last night. He had been reported to us by a number of Gambians and an English lady and seems to have been well known in the town of Farafenni. After speaking to the police about him, they were very happy for us to take him to our centre 1.5 hours away as they said they too had received many complaints about him.

He is in very poor condition and we did wonder whether it would be kinder to euthanize immediately, but we decided that it would be best to bring him home and give him a full and thorough assessment

Horace having his teeth done

before we consider this. He cannot believe that he has access to food and tucked into a feed of bran upon arrival last night. This morning he has been bathed and blood tested and over the next few days will be wormed and have his teeth attended to. If we ultimately have to make a sad decision on welfare grounds at least we shall know that we have done our best for him and that the last days of his life were filled with kindness and FOOD!

Judging from the droppings he produced this morning, he has been living on plastic bags and cloth poor boy. Although we are technically not a sanctuary, we are hoping that he may be able to enjoy some well deserved retirement with us.

If anyone would like to sponsor Horace, please make a donation, but please be aware that at this stage we don't know if it will have a happy outcome.



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